CIMK is a Market Intelligence and Data Analytics Company based in China.


CIMK uses technology to increase market transparency in the Chinese market.


The CIMK enables international companies to succeed in China by providing access to more up-to-date data and analysis.


Market Research

CIMK offers innovative and data-driven reports and analyses about Chinese companies and industries. CIMK differs from the rest of the industry by collecting and analyzing unique information and data points themselves. These data points will be analyzed using machine learning and combined in such a way that our customers will have a complete picture of the position and development of Chinese companies and industries.

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Customer Groups

  • Multinational Cooperations

  • International SMEs

  • International Startups

  • Cross-boarder Organizations

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Alternative Data Provider

CIMK offers alternative data from the Chinese market in the raw and analyzed format in nearly real-time. Our interesting data sources are Chinese social media platforms, e-Commerce platforms, government enterprise databases, traffic, recruiting platforms, local news, and many others. We offer this aggregated and analyzed data as API or dashboard.

Customer Groups

  • Investment Fund

  • Financial Analyst

  • Financial Journalists

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Venture Capital / Corporate Innovation Service

CIMK has built various data-driven solutions that can be used to identify early-stage and late-stage startups. This enables CIMK to capture relevant startups in Chinese industries in a structured manner that does not yet have media coverage.

Customer Groups

  • Venture Capital Companies

  • Business Angels

  • Accelerators

  • Governments

B2B Leads

CIMK offers innovative and data-driven solutions for automated B2B lead generation based on Chinese enterprise databases and professional social media platforms.

Customer Groups

  • Multinational Cooperations

  • International SMEs

  • International Startups

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Publications: Market Updates

About us


CIMK was founded in August 2021 in Nanjing, China by an international founding team. Since then, we were able to establish ourselves as one of the most trusted alternative data and analytics provider out of China. We collect, analyzed, aggregate, translate and visualize data from all major information platform in China. Providing you with a data and signals which will allow you to make better business an investment decision in the Chinese market.

Our Team


Lukas Tatge
CEO & Co-Founder

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Christian Hundie
Software/ NLP Developer

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Sonali Chandel
COO & Co-Founder

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Shirley Xue
Business Operation

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Jan Habicht
Technical Lead

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Katya Novopashina
Business Operation

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Fabian Bredthauer
DevOps Developer

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Eliyahu Yalley
Software/ NLP Developer

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