Alternative Data and Analytics from the Chinese Market

Our Mission

Help international institutional investors to make better investment decisions in China by providing alternative data and quantitative analysis.








We use technology to provide more unique non-financial information and deliver these data points faster than other information providers.

Our Products
China Speed News Stream
We provide the fastest and most comprehensive English language stock market news stream of Chinese companies. You can access all new Chinese financial news in under 10 minutes in our web-based dashboard or API. We utilized web scraping, NLP analysis, and machine translation to reduce the information delay.
Alternative Data Provider
We provide alternative data from the Chinese market. We access and aggregate different non-financial data sources such as social media, retail investor communities, job portals, and traffic statistics. We deliver this alternative data in English or Chinese in the format you require.
Quantitative Analytics Service
We analyze our unique alternative data through various big data analysis and analytics algorithms to define various Chinese companies' positions, development, and trends. Our analyses provide a better and deeper understanding of industries and companies in China.

Get daily updates on the most important news in the Chinese market.

Meet The Team


Lukas Tatge
CEO & Co-Founder

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Sonali Chandel
COO & Co-Founder

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Jan Habicht
Technical Lead

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Fabian Bredthauer
DevOps Developer

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Our Partners

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Christian Hundie
Software/ NLP Developer

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Shirley Xue
Business Operation

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Katya Novopashina
Business Operation

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Eliyahu Yalley
Software/ NLP Developer

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