Our Service

CIMK leverages the technical and cultural capabilities of its team to provide industry leading service to our global customers.
To solve our customers' strategic and operational challenges, information and data are collected directly from Chinese primary sources and evaluated through individual analysis models.

Data Strategy

  • We support you in building a future-proof data strategy and infrastructure for the Chinese market.
  • Optimize the use of data from internal and external data sources.
  • China is fast and dynamic, so effective data structures are necessary for success.

Innovation & Trend

  • China is increasingly becoming an innovation powerhouse. We utilize structured data processes to provide our clients with corporate innovation and startup-related innovation developments.
  • With our help, our clients can stay up-to-date with the most relevant technological and innovation-related development in any of their industries.


  • We enable our clients to understand their situation in the Chinese market.
  • We used the latest technology and experienced industry experts to identify your direct and indirect competition in China.
  • We use customized criteria to compare your product to all of the competitor's products and product-related services.

Market Sentiment

  • We capture all opinions and views Chinese consumers/ customers have on social media platforms or industry-specific associations.
  • Understand better than ever what your customers feel and what moves them.
  • This allows our clients to adapt their products perfectly to the Chinese market.

Stakeholder Radar

  • Based on all major company databases in China, we can offer our customers a structured and comprehensive process for finding the exact suppliers or B2B customers they need.
  • By using various professional business networks in China, we are able to identify exactly the right contacts in the respective target companies.
  • This way, we provide exactly the business information and contacts our clients need to expand in China.

Recruitment Service

  • The market in China for the right talent for international companies is very challenging.
  • By screening and analyzing professional business networks and job portals, we are able to identify the exact international and Chinese talent that our clients need for their China business.