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China Business News Tuesday (2021-03-01)


1 Suning restarts trading on the stock exchange.

Suning has resumed trading and received nearly 15 billion yuan in strategic investment from statecontrolled investors. According to the announcement, the introduction of the strategic

shareholders will help the company further focus on the retail service business, consolidated

core competence, enhance operating efficiency and profitability of assets, and promote the

implementation of the company's long-term strategy.


2. Baidu may split its shares to be prepared for a second listing in HK.

Baidu will decide on a share split today, sending a signal for a second listing in Hong Kong. An

insider says this is just a mathematical calculation, which means the absolute value of the

listed companies' share prices in the two places will be similar in the future, so international

investors' understanding will be more uniform. The thought here is that if Baidu's offer price is

too high, this may affect the liquidity and participation of small and medium investors in HK.


3. After widespread 5G rollout, China explores 6G intensively.

Xiao Yaqing, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said 6G is

currently in the exploration phase. They are also interacting with the international community

to promote common standards, long-term needs, and technological maturity.


4. Xiaomi also feels the computer chip shortage.

Since the second half of 2020, chip shortage and price increase have become the main topic in

the semiconductor industry. Due to the shortage of chipsets, the price is increasing. According

to sources in the mobile phone supply chain, Qualcomm's material supply has been extended to

more than 30 weeks. The delivery cycle of CSR Bluetooth audio chips has reached more than 33



5. Bytedance continues to grow and plan 7,000 new employees.

Recently, Bytedance launched Spring Recruitment 2021 and made more than 7000 positions

available, surpassing the amount of spring recruitment in previous years. It has been the most

popular company for graduate recruitment for three years in a row, followed by Tencent and

Alibaba. By the end of last year, the total number of employees had reached 100000.


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