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An important update/announcement from CIMK (2021-05-31)

From today, we will publish our newsletter only two times a week (Tuesday and Friday). We will bundle all the essential news from the previous days to provide a good overview of the market.

Following are the reasons for CIMK to take this decision:

(1) As a startup, we still haven't found our exact product-market fit, so we will be busy testing different business models B2C, B2B, and B2B2C closely in the coming weeks. Based on the data we gather during the customer exploration, we will decide on one strategic direction and then invest all energy and resources in that path.

(2) In June, we plan to release our MVP platform, so we want to spend more time developing the same to offer unique/lightning-fast information and data to our customers worldwide.

(3) Since the last two weeks, we have joined a reputable European Accelerator program and are currently talking to several potential investors. These sessions are pretty rigorous and require undivided time commitment as well.

We hope you will still stay with us and support us during the following testing phase, which is crucial for our future growth. Thanks for your patience and time, as always.

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