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Alibaba publishes the financial report for the Q4 (ending in March)

Alibaba's revenue from January to March 2021 was CNY 187.4B (+64% YoY), beating expectations. However, Alibaba had posted a net loss for the first time, which was CNY 7.654B. This is mainly due to the anti-monopoly penalties, as without these, the net profit would have been CNY 26.216B (18% YoY). Alibaba has a billion active consumers worldwide. Due to the high level of competition, the company intends to continue to focus on growth in the coming years while maintaining profitability. A strong strategy and integration will drive the late entry into group buying in Q1 2021 into their existing marketplaces. The GMV of its leading online shop Taobao has also continued to grow with CNY 500B and is the largest marketplace by volume.


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