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Company Description

CIMK is an online platform to share information and analyses about Chinese industries and public companies with semi-professional non-Chinese speaking investors.


Our goal is to close the tremendous information gap and language barrier that exists between non-Chinese speaking investors and the Chinese market by providing in-depth information about the Chinese companies' business models, financial performances, and overall market environment. Therefore, we will provide you with all available financial and non-financial information that will allow you to identify stocks that match your investment parameters.


We aim to achieve a new level of comprehensiveness and up-to-dateness for our users by collecting information from various Chinese data sources based on an NLP model. Our objective is to become the best and most trusted international brand regarding any required information about the Chinese stock market.

Existing Problems we solve

Based on 50+ interviews with non-Chinese speaking investors, we have identified that they do not get sufficient information regarding Chinese companies and overall Chinese industries. Despite the tremendous stock market portfolio of interesting Chinese technology or internet-based companies, they feel that the langue barrier leads to an information asymmetry that prevents them from making investment decisions in this market.

Most of these problems can be broken down into three points:

  • No information and data source to understand the strategy, business units, and development of a Chinese company

  • No reliable source to find all companies inside of an industry that enables a comparison between competitors

  • Information delay and pre-selection of news by non-Chinese newsmedia

Industry Overview
  • We will provide the most accurate and daily updated allocation of companies to industries and sub-industries. Based on new information, we will automatically update these industries.

  • Also, every industry will be visualized as a network of companies that show the similarity and level of competition between companies.

  • We enable a ranking of the most relevant Chinese companies in selected industries based on various industry-specific metrics.

Company Profiles
  • We will provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date company profiles, including stock market performance, financial fundamentals, and also the business model strategy.

  • The access to Chinese data sources enables us to provide you 10x more company news and also new unique information like the sentiment in the Chinese market, relationship to the government, and involvement with other companies.

  • We will share the broadest company valuation, which is not only based on transparent quantitative measurements but also qualitative ones. This evaluation will help to understand investors if the particular company fits their investment requirements.

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Our International Team

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Lukas Tatge


  • Chief Business Officer at Chaindrium

  • Director Market Research at GINN

  • IT Consultant at KPMG


Master Global Business from Nanjing University & University Goettingen

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Sonali Chandel


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  • Lecturer of Computer Science & Engineering at New York Institute of Technology

  • Trainer - International Education Business at NIIT China

Master Information Technology from Birla Institute of Technology

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Sumit Goyal


  • Vice President Technology Operations at BISP Solutions

  • Senior Technical Trainer at NIIT


Master Computer Application from Sikkim Manipal University

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Luxuan Chen

Head of Business Development

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Tianyi Ni

Head of AI

  • Management Consulting at Deutsche Telekom

  • Business Development at Myos


Master Entrepreneurship from WHU University

  • Ph.D. student in Computational Phonology at Ohio State

  • Full Stack Engineer at 高知特 Cognizant



Master Applied Mathematics at University of Washington

Master of Computer Science at Arizona State University


Our Partners

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