About Us

CIMK was founded with the vision of providing international companies with the best data to make the right strategic decisions for the Chinese market after the pandemic.

We love and believe in data and evaluate thousands of data sources for our clients to provide them with the exact information and analysis to make strategic decisions in the Chinese market.

CIMK was founded in 2020 by an international founding team (German, Ghanaian, Indian, and Chinese). More than 75% of the team members have a computer science or engineering background.


Our Team


Lukas Vincent Tatge

Chief Executive Officer

Lukas Vincent Tatge is CEO of CIMK. He holds a Master's degree in Global Business from Georg August University in Göttingen, Germany, and a Master's degree in Management from Nanjing University. In addition, Lukas is actively involved in Sino-German cultural exchange.


Eliyahu Kainyah Yalley

Chief Technology Officer

Eliyahu Kainyah Yalley is CIMK's Chief Technology Officer. He holds a bachelor's degree in electronics and information engineering from the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. He has exceptional skills in back-end development and data engineering and manages the entire technical department of unique data analysis and processing.


Chunyan Xue

Chief Operating Officer

Chunyan Xue is the COO of CIMK. She has completed various academic programs in China. After she graduated from the university, she again studied various programs, including "Digital Economy Innovation and Entrepreneurship" at Tsinghua University. She has built up a significant international professional network through various projects in South East Asia and Europe.